Upper Limit Cheques (Inland UK only)

The Purpose in using Upper Limit Cheques
We strongly recommend the use of Upper Limit Cheques for Inland (U.K.) Customers, since it allows a transaction to be completed with only one letter in each direction. The alternatives are much less appealing as they increase the workload and cost at both ends.

Please note, however, that we do not recommend the use of Upper Limit Cheques drawn on any Foreign Banks and only those overseas customers who hold a British bank account in Sterling should consider using this system.
Note: If you are only ordering a single item for delivery within Britain, please make out your cheque normally for the amount of the stamp ordered plus inland postage (prices in Pounds Sterling) making the following allowances to cover postage and packing (orders which include miniature sheets or sheetlets attract a slightly higher charge):

Method of Posting Stamps Only . . . . Mini.Sheets included
Ord.First Class 0.75 1.20
Inland Recorded 2.00 2.50
Inland Sp. Delivery 6.50 7.00
Upper Limit Cheques should be made out for the total value of your order plus postage by your chosen method.

What Happens to your Cheque?
We process your order and issue a delivery advice/statement, which shows what we have supplied and what, if anything, was unavailable. At the foot of the statement, we show the amount for which your cheque has been 'made out' and, normally, the statement will then show a 'Nil' Balance.
We have never had a problem with any Upper Limit Cheques, but there is any error or if any problem arises, we shall, of course, ensure that it is resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

Post-dated Cheques
If you wish to post-date a cheque for up to six weeks, or spread payment by using two or three cheques with various dates, we will usually agree to this. In this case, please ensure that:

  1. At least one of the cheques is an Upper Limit Cheque.
  2. That you enclose a letter clearly stating that the envelope contains post-dated cheque(s).
Thank you very much for your co-operation in this matter.