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This part of the website is devoted principally to stamps which are either not in any of the 'big four' catalogues ( Gibbons, Michel, Scott, Yvert) or only in one or two of them. All items are scanned and Reference-coded for ordering purposes. There is no 'shopping basket'. Please copy and paste complete lines of text (including the reference number) into an email.



Algeria : Railway Parcel Posts ( Colis Postaux )- List 1
Pictorial and non-pictorials 1899-1949, including many imperfs and varieties, all scanned, with extensive illustrated introduction to the pictorials.

Australia : Railway Parcel Stamps
All Australian States except Queensland, which is a much larger selection and has its own pages.

Queensland : Railway Parcel Stamps (Index Page)
This introductory page provides access to all the Queensland pages (at the time of writing, 165 pages of stamps, fully described and illustrated).
Within it, there is a very strong section, around 110 webpages, of the 1927-style issue, ordered by station, by face value and by font. This listing is being left up as a permanent reference work, with prices shown against those stamps, which are still available for sale .


Denmark : Railway (Parcel) Stamps - List 3 (incorporates remains of old Lists 1 & 2, plus new stock)
Mint and Used from many railways, from earlies to 1980s, many showing trains, others not. Includes some truly beautiful stamps.

Other lists will follow - when time permits.



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