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Introduction to our all-world Railway Thematic (retail) Listings.


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If your interest is more in Railway Letter Stamps and Railway Parcel Stamps not usually listed in standard postage stamp catalogues, please click on the Railway Letter & Parcel Stamps link, located near the bottom of the list in the left side-bar.

General Information
Paper Heritage, founded in 1979, are retail stamp dealers, based in England, dealing in non-Commonwealth stamps, from classics to modern, and quality thematics (topicals). We attend stamp fairs around Britain and also sell by post. We are well-known for our Latin American stamps, but best-known for our extensive stock of Railway Thematics.

This website is principally dedicated to our retail railway stock and you can find these in various sections of the website, as follows:

Text only listing :
We have many thousands of stamps on railways for sale here in the 'text only' Railways for Sale section (numerous alphabetical links at left). Note : A small number of items in the 'text only' listings are shown as having been scanned. If you click on the word 'scan', it opens a new browser window with an index to the railway scans available. Select the scan you wish to see. After viewing it, use the back button to return to the scans index page. You can then switch easily between the sales webpages and the scans index in their separate windows.

Fully scanned listings (different stock to the above) :
We shall be progressively adding pages of fully scanned railway thematics in this section (link 'Scanned Lists Summary' near the bottom of the left side-bar)

Private Treaty :
From time to time, we offer quality railway material for sale on behalf of vendors. Please check from time to time whether we have any newly consigned material (link near bottom of the left side-bar).

Furthermore, we provide a useful resource with extensive information on railway thematics in the 'Railway Theme - Articles' section, which, yes, you guessed(!), is also accessible via a link in the left sidebar.

Catalogues : The Railway Listings
We have based our text only listings extensively upon Domfil and SG. SG exclude many stamps from their catalogue, whereas Domfil lists almost everything - with text in both Spanish and English - and provides Michel, Scott and Yvert numbers. The Domfil catalogue should be available through your local bookshop or philatelic supplier. If you have any difficulty finding their catalogues, please email us.

How we List
We list railways by country and have separated the listing into manageable sizes, by breaking it down into TEN main pages of lists ( countries beginning with A, B, C, DEF, G, HIJ, KLM, NOP, QRS and T to Z ). For frequent visitors to this site, there is also a separate list of all the recent additions to stock, but these recently-added stamps are included in the ten country sections as well. However, this does depend on us updating all these pages regularly, which, apologies, is not always done as often as it should be! The most recent uploading date is shown at the top of each list.

Ordering Stamps
We do not have an electronic 'shopping basket', so customers are asked to copy and paste items of interest from our lists onto an email or into a word.doc (or similar) and to either email or post this list to us. Where a listing comes from the scanned lists pages, please include the Scan Ref IN FULL, along with the description and price. With text only listings, please always quote the price as well as the full stamp description. You can open an email to us here, or via the 'contact us' link on the Home Page. email

Prices are in Pounds Sterling.

Postage is extra. All stamps are sent at purchaser's risk, unless sent by Registered Post. Please let us know which postal service you require. For current inland postage rates, please see our Terms and Conditions page (link at left).

Paying for Stamps
Payment may be made by several methods. Please view our Terms and Conditions page (link at left) for details. Please do NOT send any payments until we have confirmed that we are holding the stamps for you. We frequently only have one example of an item on our list, which we cannot usually replace, if sold.

If you are in any way unhappy with any part of your purchase, we shall replace them, where possible, or take back the stamps and refund you the purchase price (but not postage).

Understanding our Listings
A summary of philatelic abbreviations may be found via the Paper Heritage Home Page (link below) or directly via this link (opens in new tab). Please use your 'back' button afterwards, if you wish to return to this page.

Viewing our stocks in person.
A list of stamp fairs, which we are attending, may be accessed from our Home Page (link below). We always carry our text only Railway Stock to fairs, where you will also be able to see some of our unlisted railway material, such as GB Railway Letter Stamps ( old and modern ), GB Railway Parcels stamps and a small range of railway cinderellas.

Other Questions
If there is any further information you require, please contact us, preferably by post or email.

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