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Currently, these NC (for non-catalogued) lists are principally for thematic railway items which do not appear in the SG or Domfil railway catalogues or, sometimes, for items which are listed but for which an illustration will be particularly helpful. Items in these NC lists do NOT also appear in the text-only lists under the 'World Railway Thematics' heading on this website, so you need to view both to see our full railway thematic stock.

How to order: The image takes precedence over the text, if you find a discrepancy between the text and the image. Only the Scan Ref at the end of each listed item clearly identifies which stamp you are ordering, so it is vital that the full 'Scan Ref' is included with EVERY item you order, even if you discover occasionally that some number I have used is wrong! In the very few instances where two stamps are noted as being available, you may receive a similar item to the one shown. In all other cases, you will receive the actual illustrated stamp. Thank you.


Summary of Listings

List : NC1 : Mainly Africa, Countries A-M, plus some Caribbean, mostly 1998-2008 material : Click here for List NC1

List : NC2 : Mixed World, notably Africa N-Z and Nicaragua, includes some good older material Click here for List NC2

List : NC3 : Germany Poster Stamps plus other Germany. Click here for List NC3

List : NC4 : A world miscellany, mostly older material, including China, Ecuador and Turkey. Click here for List NC4

List : NC5 : An all-world selection, nearly all railways and issued after 2010, 98% Mint. Click here for List NC5

List : Momotombo : Nicaragua Momotombo design 1900-1908 : Stamps, varieties, proofs and postal stationery, including Bluefields/Zelaya and Cabo issues - A special selection. Click here for the Momotombo sales list
(For other Nicaragua material, including Momotombos, click on our World Railway Thematics listing, then on letters NOP) .


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