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Expanding any thematic collection beyond the (usually) rather basic listings provided by thematic catalogues is very challenging, frequently requiring access to a significant number of catalogues. The lack of availability, and often high cost, of these catalogues will often discourage even an attempt to expand into certain areas of a theme.

Our articles are very varied in nature and in depth of coverage, but we have concentrated largely on areas where we feel we can provide something that will supplement information many collectors of railway thematics may already have. We hope you find the articles useful.

Each article that you click on will open in a new tab, for your convenience in navigating through them. We no longer link to all other articles in the left panels of the pages in this section; you will need to keep returning to this page in order to see what other articles are available.

Articles are mostly BY COUNTRY (second group below), but the list starts with a few articles that are more wide-ranging.

Articles on Railway Stamps covering Multiple Countries:

Subject Click on Image Key Content Aspects covered in Article Posted / Updated
G.P.O.Berlin Hauptpostamt Berlin Briefmarken 1 Mark Tram Tracks
Hauptpostamt Tram
& Tracks: Stamps
of Germany & Cols.
Upgraded: Jan. 2020
image description All World Perforated with
in any language
New : January 2020
Sources of
Stamp Images
Source Images for Stamps All-world Source
Postcards (mostly)
used for stamp design
New: Oct. 2018
Sydney Harbour
Bridge (Australia)
Sydney Harbour Bridge on Stamps 1932-2007: Stamps
& Postal Stationery
All-world thematics
+ Australian postal
stationery & cancels
Updated: Aug. 2019
Unissued Unissued Railway Thematic Stamps All World
Stamps Prepared
but not issued
Updated: Nov. 2019
UPU 1949 Issue
British Com'wealth
1949 British Empire Omnibus UPU Stamps UPU Low Value
List of the
63 Countries.
New: c.2003



Railway Stamps : One-Country Articles :

Country Click on Image Key Content Aspects covered in Article Posted / Updated
Algeria Algerian Railways Parcel Post Stamps Control Handstamps
Illustrated Listing of
Algerian Rly Parcels
+ Contrôle des Recettes
Updated: Nov. 2006
Expanded: April 2020
Austria Austria Publicity Cinderella Stamps Austria Charity Stamps Railway Widows &
Orphans Charity Stamps
New: c.2015
Updated: May 2020
Bangladesh Bangladesh Independence local handstamps on  railway train Stamps Local Handstamps
Independence from
Pakistan : Handstamps
of Local Postmasters
New: May 2010
Belgian Congo

Congo Belge
Belgian Congo Belge Stamps Belgian Congo
Postage Stamps,
mainly Mols 50c +
Postal Stationery
New: Oct. 2018
Belgian Congo

Congo Belge
Belgian Congo Chemin de Fer du Bas-Congo à Katanga BCK Timbres-Poste Vicicongo Stamps Vicicongo & BCK
c. 1939-1970
Vicicongo Railway
Parcel Stamps &
Chemin de Fer du Bas-
Congo à Katanga (BCK)
New: Sept. 2018
Benin Benin Surcharge Stamps on trains Local Surcharges
1989-2009 & later
Click to view article
(in new tab).
Updated: Oct. 2018
Bolivia Bolivis Obligatory Tax Stamps Obligatory Tax
Specialized Study New: January 2010
Bosnia-Serb. Bosnia Republika Srpska Stamps Provisional Issue
Click to view article
(in new tab)
New: c.2004
Reworked: Mar 2020
China China Junk & Train 1913-1933 Stamps Junk & Train
The Three Printings
& Regional Overprints
Rewritten: Jan. 2020
China Transport Revenue stamps of China Transport Revenues
Study of Printings,
Regional Overprints
& Local Oveprints
New: Sept. 2018
China China Unit Stamps 1949 (Train) Unit Stamps (train)
Study of National,
Regional & Local
Issues: 1949/50
Updated: May 2006
Re-styled: Apr.2020
Costa Rica Costa Rica Telegraph stamps used for Postage - Trains Postage & Telegraph
Postal Surchs.
Telegraph stamps
New: c.2007
& Cucuta
Colombia Santander & Cucuta Train Stamps Santander & Cucuta
Study: Surcharge
Styles and Varieties
Updated: Sept. 2005
Revised: Feb. 2020
Czech Army
in Siberia
Czech Army in Siberia Stamps Armoured Train
Issues & Proofs
Trans-Siberian Rly.
New: c.2004
Rewritten: Mar.2020
Ecuador Ecuador Tobacco Tax Stamps Tobacco Tax Stamps
c. 1920-1946
Postage, Telegraph
& Railway Revenue
New: Sept. 2018
Ecuador Ecuador Railway Stamps of 1926 Railway Issue
Overprint Varieties
& Valuations
New: c.2007
Rewritten: Mar.2020
Ecuador Ecuador Stamps 1929 Essay Steam Train Essay
Unadopted Essay
New: c.2009
Re-edited: Mar.2020
El Salvador sellos postales El Salvador stamps 1891 1896 1897 Railway issues:
1891 1896 1897
Stamps & Proofs
of three issues
Updated: Jan. 2020
El Salvador Sellos El Salvador 1916 Teatro Theatre Stamps design Theatre/Tram Tracks
Detailed Study
of Surcharges
Rewritten: Jan 2020
France France Occupation and Liberation Stamps 1940 Occupation
1944/45 Liberation
German Occupation
of Dunkerque
& Liberation issues
Updated: June 2004
French Eq.
French Equatorial Africa Mindouli Viaduct Stamps and Revenue Stamps Mindouli Viaduct Middle Congo &
French Equatorial
Africa incl.Revenues
Rewritten: May 2018
Great Britain GB Stamps Strike Post 1971 Railway Thematics GB Strike Post
Stamps & Covers
of Postal Strike
Jan-Mar 1971
New: c.2017
Guatemala Guatemala Stamps 1886 : Lithjo and Recess-Engraved Printings 1886-1900: unsurcharged
Quetzal & Train design
Identifying Litho
& engaved printings
New: May 2010
Re-styled: Apr.2020
Guatemala Guatemala Stamps 1920-22 Radio Station & Railway Bridge with train 1919-32: with surcharge
varieties & Officials
Radio Station &
Railway Bridge.
Updated: Oct. 2002
Re-written: April 2020
Guyana Guyana Millennium stamp sheet Millennium
Image(left) taken off
Chinese banknote
for thumbnail view!
New: c.2004
Honduras Rep. Honduras Republic 1898 Railway Train stamp issue Locomotive Design
Description of
forgeries and
Updated: May 2006
Replaced: Apr.2020
Honduras Rep. Honduras Republic stamps Ulua Railway Bridge 1915-1933 Ulua Bridge
Overprints &
Surcharges incl.
rare airmails.
Upgraded: Jan.2020
Hong Kong Hong Kong 1980s Definitives Queen's Head imprint dates Kowloon Station
Imprint Dates &
Miniature sheets
New: c.2004
Updated: Feb. 2020
Isle of Man Isle of Man stamps; definitive imprint dates - trains Definitives
Imprint Dates &
Booklet Panes
New: c.2002
Upgraded: Mar 2020
Manchuria Manchurian Local Overpints Manchukuo Local Overprints/1945/46 39 fen steam
train on bridge
optd at 20+ towns
Rewritten: April 2006
Updated: April 2020
Mexico Mexico 40c map 1 Peso & 5 Pesos Correos Mexico Tram Tracks Map & Post Office
40c Map and Post
Office Design (1P, 5P)
Rewritten: Jan. 2020
Mozambique Companny train stamps Printings Includes shades &
Waterlow Samples
Rewritten: Feb 2020
Newfoundland Newfoundland railway stamps identified Printings
Paper Mills
Express Train
New: c.2002
Updated Apr.2020
Nicaragua Nicaragua Momotombo Volcano Steam Train Stamps sellos Momotombo
Recess / Litho +
Overprints & to
Private Order
First uploaded: c.2004
Rewritten Mar.2020
Nicaragua Nicaragua Telegraph Stamps Train & Mount Momotombo Telegraphs
Incl. varieties,
Zelaya & Cabo
Updated: June 2012
& again in: May 2020
Paraguay Paraguay 15c Official Stamp Steam Train 1886 Official 15c
Plates of
Perf and Imperf
plus Proofs
New: Nov. 2018
Peru Peru stamps 1871 Trencito train 'Trencito'
Study of shades
on World's 1st
Updated: Nov. 2003
Rewritten: Mar.2020
Spain Spain Railway Thematic Stamps sellos ferroviarios Espana All Issues
Postage, Telegs,
Civil War,
New: February 2019
Sudetenland Sudetenland Stamps Overprints on Plsen Works etc Niklasdorf, Rumbrug, Reichenberg-Massersdorf, Karlsbad, Konstantinsbad Pilsen Works & loco
Various Local
pro-German opts
New: c.2002
Updated: March 2020
Switzerland Switzerland Definitive Stamps 1930s/1940s Definitives
tête-bêche, Gums,
Officials etc.
Rewritten: Feb.2020
Switzerland Switzerland Soldier Stamps Soldatenmarken Schweiz Soldier Stamps
Soldier Stamps
Timbres Militaires
New: May.2020
Turkey Turkey 1930 Sivas Railway stamps - Varieties Sivas Railway
Extensive study of
Surcharge Errors
New: c.2004
Rewritten: Apr.2020
Turkey Turkey / Romania Danube & Black Sea Railway Danube & Black
Sea Rly: 1867
Guide to Originals,
Reprints and
New: c.2016
Yugoslavia Yugoslavia & Macedonia stamps Skopje Earthquake railway station clock & Macedonia
Obligatory Tax
Stamps & Labels
New: c.2016
Country Click on Image Key Content Aspects covered in Article Posted / Updated




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