Guyana : Trains on Millennium 'Banknotes' sheetlet

In 2000, Guyana produced a sheetlet of railway interest ( Yvert 5026-33 ), titled ' Faces of the Millennium '. The sheet contains 8 x $80 stamps divided by a large central label.. Depicting ( in overall outline ) George Washington, and numbered 2 ( in a circle ) on each stamp, the sheetlet is a photomosaic made up from 752 images of the obverse and / or reverse of various world banknotes, with some duplication. .

The first two images below show:
1. The full sheet.
2. A detail from the top left of the sheet:

Guyana Sheetlet.

Guyana Sheetlet-Detail(left).

There are three railway-related banknotes in the above image, illustrated below in the following order:
1. At the top right of the scan, part of the central label of the sheetlet, is an image of a diesel train from an Algerian 10 dinar banknote, issued in 1983.
2. At the bottom left of the scan is the vignette of a steam locomotive, the central motif of a Chinese ' Bank of Communications ' 5 Yuan banknote, issued at Shanghai in 1914.
3. Near the centre of the scan is a steam train depicted on a Chinese ' Bank of Communications ' 10 Yuan banknote, issued in 1941.

Algerian Banknote.

China 1914 Banknote.

China 1941 Banknote.

A larger portion of this 1941 banknote is shown again, twice ( or rather once and a half ! ), on the third stamp down on the right-hand side of the sheetlet. A detail from this stamp is shown below:

Guyana Sheetlet-Detail(right).

With 752 images to study under a magnifying glass, and only a limited familiarity with banknotes depicting trains, I would be unwilling to claim, with any confidence, that the railway interest in this sheetlet is limited to the details outlined above. Incidentally, for those of you who might be interested in trying to acquire them, the three banknotes illustrated above are quite common - and inexpensive.


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