Ecuador: Unadopted Essay (Steam Locomotive) Quito - Ibarra Railway 1929

I am indebted to Brian Moorhouse for providing me with the scans below. They are artwork from the American Bank Note Company's photographic archive and show an unadopted 10c stamp, produced with a view to commemorating the Quito-Ibarra Railway.

Below the proposed stamp are various different value inscriptions for consideration. It is probable that these two photographic proofs are the only surviving record of any kind of this proposed stamp or stamps. .

In the unlikely event that anyone else knows anything more about this proposed stamp issue, do please contact me. And what about the railway itself? Can anyone provide a short history of the railway, please?


Ecuador-Quito-Ibarra-Railway Proposed Stamp

Above: The archive photographic proof, showing a range of alternative values for the inscriptions, very possibly representing the full range of the intended face values for a set in this design.

Ecuador-Sellos-Ferrocarril Quito-Ibarra

Above : What appears to be a copy of an entry in a ledger, including information about the fate of the photographic record of the proposed stamp.

Ecuador Briefmarken Eisenbahn Quito Ibarra

Above: The stamp itself, enlarged version from the archive photographic proof. It would have been a splendid stamp!


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