Paper Heritage : ALGERIA : Railway Parcel Stamps (List 1)


General Introduction

Numbering / Catalogues
I have used Yvert numbers for identification, although other catalogues, such as Dallay and Dudoy, have much to add to any listing of Algerian Railway Parcel Post stamps. Using the correct numbering by Yvert, I should use the prefix CP (colis postal) before each stamp but, for ease of reading, I have not done so. If ordering Algeria from another dealer's list, make sure you do not order normal postage stamps in error!

CONTROLE overprints
With the exception of the very first few stamps (Yvert 1-6, more correctly CP1-6, which have no overprint), all the parcel post stamps should have been issued with a machine overprint CONTROLE REPARTITEUR, CONTROLE or CONTROLE DES RECETTES, the overprint varying in words and style for each issue; I refer to any style of overprint simply as 'Control' in my lists; only one style was applied to each stamp, with the exception of a few non-pictorials and these, helpfully, are given separate catalogue numbers.

This overprint would have been a revenue protection measure, presumably because the printing and/or the storage of these stamps was not considered secure. Stamps, especially the later pictorial types, are frequently found with this overprint omitted. In some cases, these are quite common (and in my opinion are often overpriced compared to the same stamps with control in some catalogues) but for other values, missing 'control' is either rare or completely unknown.

The Control colour is usually violet to violet-grey but other colours are encountered and they are both interesting and quite often, curiously, ignored by catalogues. Unless otherwise stated, controls are both present and in this range of colour in my sales list below, but, anyway, you will have scans to verify this for yourself.

Used copies of many of these stamps are highly elusive and this scarcity seems to increase the later the stamp is issued.

Varieties are plentiful and fascinating. In particular, the Gare de Bne stamps with their combination of two distinct colours (the darker blue is generally much scarcer), buildings in the background clear, unclear or completely missing, constant flaws to some values, control present or absent and, then, added to this, multiple surcharges on many of them, with one or more surcharges sometimes misplaced, provide plenty of opportunity for those who enjoy a detailed study.

How to Order
How to order: Please copy and paste the whole line of text when ordering. Only the Scan Ref at the end of each listed item clearly identifies which stamp you are ordering, so it is vital that the full 'Scan Ref' is included with EVERY item you order.

When a listing is marked =-= next to the price, it indicates that we have more than one example in stock and that you may receive a very similar stamp to the one illustrated. Any stamp which is not 100% satisfactory may, of course, be returned for a refund, or a replacement where available. Where no such =-= symbol is shown, you will receive the illustrated stamp.

Illustrations on THIS page
Important: At the top of each group of the pictorial types, I have provided a scan of every basic value in the set, identified by its Yvert number. These are not stamps which are available for purchase, but a method of identification for those who do not have a catalogue for these issues. Please click on each listed item for a scan of stamps for sale.

Imperforate Stamps
Most of the pictorial types exist imperforate. However, there are several differences between the Yvert, Dallay and Dudoy catalogues over the existence of imperforate example of each value. Provided a stamp has been listed in at least one of these catalogues as existing Imperforate, I have accepted this as correct. I have noted the existence, or otherwise, of imperforate stamps under each sample scan on this page.


1899-1927 : Yvert 1 - 26
Yv. 1a m/m 16.25 Scan Ref: acp1-2

Yv. 2 m/m pair 24.00 Scan Ref: acp2-1

Yv. 2 Perf x Imperf, unrecorded, sold as seen 15.00 Scan Ref: acp2-4

Yv. 2c used 30.00 Scan Ref: acp2-5

Yv. 5 with honeycomb gum ( Dudoy catalogue D2a ). It is also in a shade quite different to Yv.5 or 5a, suggesting a completely different print-run on different paper. m/m 27.00 Scan Ref: acp5-3

Yv. 5a golden chestnut colour m/m, vertical crease. 6.50 Scan Ref: acp5-4

Yv. 6 m/m 12.00 Scan Ref: acp6-1

Yv. 7b m/m 2.25 Scan Ref: acp7-4

Yv. 8 m/m off-centre 0.75 Scan Ref: acp8-2

Yv. 8g ( imperf ) m/m 14.00 Scan Ref: acp8-3


Yv. 10 tete-beche pair m/m fault (see scan) 5.00 Scan Ref: acp10-5

Yv. 10 Imperf No Gum 9.50 Scan Ref: acp10-3

Yv. 10a / 12b / 13a / 14a : the four tete-beche pairs from this set m/m 60.00 Scan Ref: acp10-4

Yv. 11a (orange) m/m with a very dark blue control 1.75 Scan Ref: acp11-2

Yv. 12 tete-beche pair m/m 13.00 Scan Ref: acp12-3

Yv. 12 Imperf u/m 18.50 Scan Ref: acp12-2

Yv. 13 NO CONTROL m/m 12.00 Scan Ref: acp13-2

Yv. 13a tete-beche pair m/m, quite heavy thins 7.50 Scan Ref: acp13-4

Yv. 13c (imperf) u/m 17.50 Scan Ref: acp13-3


Yv. 15a m/m 6.25 Scan Ref: acp15-2

Yv. 16 m/m 1.75 Scan Ref: acp16-2

Yv. 16a u/m NO CONTROL 6.00 Scan Ref: acp16-4

Yv. 16b no gum, 17a m/m, 18b m/m, 19a m/m, 23a no gum, the five imperfs from this set 48.50 Scan Ref: acp16-5

Yv. 17 m/m 1.50 Scan Ref: acp17-1

Yv. 18 used 1.75 Scan Ref: acp18-1

Yv. 18b (imperf) m/m 9.50 Scan Ref: acp18-2

Yv. 19 used 2.00 Scan Ref: acp19-1

Yv. 20 used 2.25 Scan Ref: acp20-1

Yv. 21 m/m 2.25 Scan Ref: acp21-1

Yv. 21 used 2.50 Scan Ref: acp21-2

Yv. 22 used 2.50 Scan Ref: acp22-1

Yv. 23 u/m 5.50 Scan Ref: acp23-1

Yv. 24 used 2.50 Scan Ref: acp24-1

Yv. 25 m/m 2.50 Scan Ref: acp25-1

Yv. 26 m/m 2.75 Scan Ref: acp26-1


1929-1938: Yvert 27 - 54
Yv. 27-37 m/m (the 2Fr with the missing stop after 'F' variety) set/12 68.00 Scan Ref: acp27-1

Yv. 27 with variety DOUBLE SURCHARGE of new value, signed BRUN, Dudoy catalogue D9c, not clear in the first scan but the second scan shows close-up of the 'F' of the surcharge. Very scarce. 55.00 TWO SCANS : Scan Ref: acp27-3 . . . . . . . . . Scan Ref: acp27-3a

Yv. 27A m/m with variety Broken '5' i surcharge ( Dudoy D10a ) 7.00 Scan Ref: acp27-5

Yv. 28 m/m the second '1' of 1F15 Roman ( I ) 14.50 Scan Ref: acp28-1

Yv. 29 m/m marginal pair, the right stamp with variety large '0' 35.00 Scan Ref: acp29-2

Yv. 29 m/m pair, the left stamp with raised 'F' variety (occurs only twice per sheet). Dallay 44+44b 38.00 Scan Ref: acp29-3

Yv. 29 marginal pair, left stamp u/m and with 'F' unusually far from the '1', the right stamp m/m with 'F' unusually close to the '1', both scarce, great pair. 70.00 Scan Ref: acp29-4

Yv. 30 NO CONTROL and N STOP after F ( Dudoy D13h ) 28.00 Scan Ref: acp30-2

Yv. 30 Imperf NO CONTROL m/m ( Dudoy D13j ) 17.50 Scan Ref: acp30-3

Yv. 31 m/m N STOP after 'F' ( Dallay 39c ) 6.75 Scan Ref: acp31-2

Yv. 32 used 2.00 Scan Ref: acp32-1

Yv. 32 m/m NO STP after 'F' ( Dallay 37g ) 10.00 Scan Ref: acp32-2

Yv. 32b ( Imperf ) NO CONTROL ( Dallay 37h but imperf ) m/m 21.50 Scan Ref: acp32-3

Yv. 34 Type II Raised 'F' No Gum ( Dallay 40a ) 9.50 Scan Ref: acp34-2

Yv. 36 Pair, left stamp with variety 2F0 for 2F00 ( Dallay 45 I and 45 Ia ) m/m 85.00 Scan Ref: acp36-2

Yv. 36 Marginal Pair left stamp m/m normal ( Dallay 45 I ), right stamp u/m with 'F' close to '2' ( Dallay 45 Ic ) 52.00 Scan Ref: acp36-3

Yv. 36 m/m with variety large second '0' in '2.00' but with the large '0' open, forming a 'C'. rare. 90.00 Scan Ref: acp36-5

Yv. 37 m/m, Dallay 46 II , narrow head to the '2' of '25' 22.00 Scan Ref: acp37-3

Yv. 37 m/m pair, Dallay 46 III, left stamp with 'F' close to '2' (unlisted variety) 68.00 Scan Ref: acp37-2

Yv. 37 m/m, Dallay 46 III, with unlisted variety 'F' close to '2' 35.00 Scan Ref: acp37-5

Yv. 37 block/4 comprising Dallay 46 I x 2, 46 II and 46 III, top left stamp 'F' close to '2', bottom two stamps with 'F' low, of which the right one has further variety NO STOP. Fine item. 95.00 Scan Ref: acp37-4


Yv. 42I m/m with unlisted variety 'small first 2' of surcharge. 24.00 Scan Ref: acp42-2

Yv. 43Ba (NO CONTROL) very lightly m/m 27.50 Scan Ref: acp43-2

Yv. 43Ca (NO CONTROL) off-centre u/m, crease 16.50 Scan Ref: acp43-3

Yv. 44a Surcharge Double, the second surcharge perfectly obliterating the first surcharge, giving the appearance of a 0f60 / 0f60 / 50c. The upper surcharge has a raised 'F' as per Dallay 49IIa m/m. 25.00 Scan Ref: acp44-1


1939 ->: Yvert 55 - 82 and later non-pictorials
Yv. 61 m/m, variety NO STOP, Dallay 73a 16.50 Scan Ref: acp61-1

Yv. 76 m/m, variety smaller and higher second '3', Dudoy D38g 30.00 Scan Ref: acp76-1


Yv. 96 u/m, foxing 1.00 Scan Ref: acp96-1

Yv. 97 m/m 1.75 Scan Ref: acp97-1

Yv. 145-150 set/6 u/m ( the 14F1 has the variety whole of surcharge to the left olf the bars, Dudoy catalogue G22a ) 30.00 Scan Ref: acp145-1

Yv. 146 in blue rather than the usual ultramarine m/m, creased 2.50 Scan Ref: acp146-2

Yv. 146 m/m NO CONTROL, Dallay 162a, m/m 7.00 Scan Ref: acp146-3


Scan of Yvert 83-86
Yvert 83-86 : Note on Imperfs : All four reported to exist. None of the three catalogues list Yv. 83 as existing imperf but I have seen a marginal example.


Yvert 83-86 : Gare de Philippeville
Yv. 83 u/m 7.00 Scan Ref: acp83-1

Yv. 84 m/m 2.25 Scan Ref: acp84-3

Yv. 84 m/m 2.25 Scan Ref: acp84-2

Yv. 84 Imperf m/m marginal 20.00 Scan Ref: acp84-1

Yv. 84 Imperf u/m 23.00 Scan Ref: acp84-5

Yv. 84 Imperf (semi-)marginal u/m 24.00 Scan Ref: acp84-4

Yv. 84a ENTIRE STAMP PRINTED DOUBLE u/m marginal, scarce. 60.00 Scan Ref: acp84-6

Yv. 85 u/m 13.00 Scan Ref: acp85-2

Yv. 85 m/m 9.50 Scan Ref: acp85-1

Yv. 85 m/m 9.00 Scan Ref: acp85-3

Yv. 85 No Gum 6.50 EACH (strip/3 - at 19.50 - available at time of compilation of this list) Scan Ref: acp85-4

Yv. 86 u/m overall toning / light foxing 12.00 Scan Ref: acp86-1

Yv. 86 No Gum variety 'pedestrian in road', as per Dudoy Catalogue C32a, 9.00 Scan Ref: acp86-2

Yv. 86 No Gum 6.00 EACH ( you may order any quantity from the block/5 as illustrated, subject unsold ) Scan Ref: acp86-3

Yv. 86b u/m Imperf. The yellowish paper is quite normal for much of the printing of the 3Fr value, which seems to have been printed on both white and yelllow paper and shades in between. 26.00 Scan Ref: acp86-4



Scan of Yvert 87-95
Yvert 87-95 : Imperfs : All except Yv. 88, 89 and 94A have been reported to exist.

Yvert 87-89 : Renault 'autorail'
Yv. 87 m/m 11.00 Scan Ref: acp87-1

Yv. 88 m/m 6.00 Scan Ref: acp88-1

Yv. 88 m/m in a lighter yellow-green shade 7.00 Scan Ref: acp88-2

Yv. 89 m/m 6.00 Scan Ref: acp89-1


Yvert 90-94A : Micheline at Oasis
Yv. 90 u/m 9.50 Scan Ref: acp90-3

Yv. 90 m/m 9.00 Scan Ref: acp90-2

Yv. 90 m/m 8.00 Scan Ref: acp90-1

Yv. 90 used on small piece 6.50 Scan Ref: acp90-4

Yv. 91 m/m 6.00 Scan Ref: acp91-1

Yv. 91 used on small piece 4.75 Scan Ref: acp91-2

Yv. 91 Imperf u/m marginal 45.00 Scan Ref: acp91-3

Yv. 92 u/m 12.00 Scan Ref: acp92-5

Yv. 92 m/m 9.00 Scan Ref: acp92-4

Yv. 92 used on small piece 6.50 Scan Ref: acp92-2

Yv. 92 u/m Imperf marginal 32.50 Scan Ref: acp92-1

Yv. 92 u/m Imperf 27.00 Scan Ref: acp92-3

Yv. 93 u/m 26.00 Scan Ref: acp93-4

Yv. 93 m/m 19.00 Scan Ref: acp93-1

Yv. 93 m/m 17.00 Scan Ref: acp93-7

Yv. 93 used on small piece, surface rubs affecting stamp 5.00 Scan Ref: acp93-2

Yv. 93 m/m NO CONTROL 16.50 Scan Ref: acp93-3

Yv. 93a DOUBLE IMPRESSION OF THE WHOLE STAMP u/m, scarce. 65.00 Scan Ref: acp93-6

Yv. 94 m/m 8.00 Scan Ref: acp94-1

Yv. 94 m/m 8.50 Scan Ref: acp94-2

Yv. 94 used on small piece 6.00 Scan Ref: acp94-3

Yv. 94 DOUBLE IMPRESSION OF THE WHOLE STAMP ( signed Brun ) m/m, scarce. 48.00 Scan Ref: acp94-4

Yv. 94 m/m foxing spots 3.50 Scan Ref: acp94-5


Yvert 95 : Chiffa Viaduct
Yv. 95 u/m, an elusive stamp, 26.00 Scan Ref: acp95-1

Yv. 95 u/m, an elusive stamp, 24.00 Scan Ref: acp95-2

Yv. 95 IMPERF m/m, very scarce 60.00 Scan Ref: acp95-3



Scan of Yvert 98-109
Yvert 98-109 (these are manuscript surcharges - Algiers issue). Imperfs : Only one, Yvert 104, has been reported to exist Imperf.

Yvert 98-109 : Various with Manuscript Surcharges
Mint manuscript surcharges on the market come mostly from the work of a single clerk in Algiers, assigned to produce them. However, at a few other locations, other employees, working within their authority, also surcharged these stamps manually and, so far as I know, these are only ever found used, the postmark identifying the office at which they were surcharged. Only small, and often very tiny, quantities are know thus surcharged at other offices.

Yv. 105 m/m 80.00 Scan Ref: acp

Yv. 106 m/m 80.00 Scan Ref: acp106-1

Yv. 107 m/m 80.00 Scan Ref: acp107-2

Yv. 107 used on small piece 125.00 Scan Ref: acp107-1

Yv. 108 m/m 80.00 Scan Ref: acp108-2

Yv. 108 used on small piece 125.00 Scan Ref: acp108-1



Scan of Yvert 111-118
Yvert 111-118 : All are reported to exist Imperf

Yvert 111-118 : Gare de Philippeville
Yv. 111-118 m/m set/8 13.00 Scan Ref: acp111-4

Yv. 111 m/m 2.00 Scan Ref: acp111-2

Yv. 112 m/m 2.00 Scan Ref: acp112-1

Yv. 112 m/m CONTROL INVERTED ( Dallay 126c ) 9.00 Scan Ref: acp112-2

Yv. 113 u/m creases 2.25 Scan Ref: acp113-1

Yv. 114 u/m 2.75 Scan Ref: acp114-3

Yv. 114 u/m 2.50 Scan Ref: acp114-2

Yv. 114 m/m 2.00 Scan Ref: acp114-1

Yv. 114 m/m NO CONTROL 8.25 Scan Ref: acp114-4

Yv. 115 m/m 2.00 Scan Ref: acp115-1

Yv. 115 u/m NO CONTROL 3.00 Scan Ref: acp115-3

Yv. 115 m/m NO CONTROL 2.25 =-= Scan Ref: acp115-4

Yv. 116 u/m 2.50 Scan Ref: acp116-1

Yv. 116 u/m NO CONTROL 6.00 Scan Ref: acp116-3

Yv. 116 m/m NO CONTROL 4.75 Scan Ref: acp116-4

Yv. 117 u/m NO CONTROL 4.50 Scan Ref: acp117-1

Yv. 117 u/m NO CONTROL 4.25 Scan Ref: acp117-2

Yv. 117 m/m NO CONTROL 3.50 Scan Ref: acp117-3

Yv. 118 u/m 2.50 Scan Ref: acp118-3

Yv. 118 m/m 2.25 Scan Ref: acp118-1

Yv. 118 u/m NO CONTROL 2.75 =-= Scan Ref: acp118-4

Yv. 118 m/m NO CONTROL 2.50 Scan Ref: acp118-5

Yv. 118 m/m NO CONTROL 2.25 Scan Ref: acp118-6



Scan of Yvert 119-126
Yvert 119-126 : All are reported to exist Imperf

Yvert 119-121: Renault 'autorail'
Yv. 119 m/m 10.00 Scan Ref: acp119-1

Yv. 119 u/m IMPERF marginal 37.00 Scan Ref: acp119-2

Yv. 119 u/m IMPERF Horizontal Pair, scarce as a multiple, 72.00 Scan Ref: acp119-3

Yv. 119 m/m IMPERF 29.00 Scan Ref: acp119-4

Yv. 120 m/m 8.00 Scan Ref: acp120-1

Yv. 120 u/m IMPERF 40.00 Scan Ref: acp120-2

Yv. 121 u/m 11.00 Scan Ref: acp121-1

Yv. 121 u/m 10.00 Scan Ref: acp121-2

Yv. 121 m/m, light crease, 6.00 Scan Ref: acp121-3

Yv. 121 u/m IMPERF 40.00 Scan Ref: acp121-4


Yvert 122-126: Micheline at Oasis
Yv. 122 u/m 12.50 Scan Ref: acp122-2

Yv. 122 u/m IMPERF 38.00 Scan Ref: acp122-3

Yv. 123 u/m 12.75 Scan Ref: acp123-2

Yv. 123 m/m 9.00 Scan Ref: acp123-1

Yv. 124 used on small piece 9.25 Scan Ref: acp124-2

Yv. 124 m/m IMPERF 27.00 Scan Ref: acp124-3

Yv. 125 m/m 7.00 Scan Ref: acp125-1

Yv. 126 heavily m/m 5.00 Scan Ref: acp126-1

Yv. 126 u/m IMPERF 40.00 Scan Ref: acp126-3

Yv. 126 m/m IMPERF Marginal 27.00 Scan Ref: acp126-4



Scan of Yvert 130-133
Scan of Yvert 134-135
Yvert 130-135 : All are reported to exist Imperf

Yvert 130-135: Renault 'autorail'
Yv. 130 u/m 8.50 Scan Ref: acp130-2

Yv. 130 u/m Dark Green shade 9.50 Scan Ref: acp130-3

Yv. 131 u/m 3.50 Scan Ref: acp131-1

Yv. 131 m/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp131-3

Yv. 131 m/m 2.75 Scan Ref: acp131-2

Yv. 132 u/m 14.00 Scan Ref: acp132-2

Yv. 134 u/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp134-1

Yv. 134 u/m 2.75 Scan Ref: acp134-2

Yv. 134 m/m NO CONTROL 4.50 Scan Ref: acp134-3

Yv. 135 u/m 3.50 Scan Ref: acp135-3

Yv. 135 u/m 3.25 Scan Ref: acp135-2

Yv. 135 u/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp135-1

Yv. 135 m/m NO CONTROL 5.00 Scan Ref: acp135-5



Scan of Yvert 136-137 Scan of Yvert 138-144
Yvert 136-144 : Only Yv. 138, 140 and 144 have NOT been reported as existing Imperf.

Yvert 136-144 : Micheline at Oasis
Yv. 136 u/m 18.00 Scan Ref: acp136-1

Yv. 136 m/m 12.75 Scan Ref: acp136-2

Yv. 137 u/m 2.75 Scan Ref: acp137-2

Yv. 137 u/m 2.50 Scan Ref: acp137-1

Yv. 137 m/m 2.00 =-= Scan Ref: acp137-3

Yv. 137 m/m NO CONTROL 4.25 Scan Ref: acp137-5

Yv. 137 No Gum NO CONTROL 3.00 Scan Ref: acp137-6

Yv. 138 m/m 13.00 Scan Ref: acp138-1

Yv. 138 u/m 18.50 Scan Ref: acp138-2

Yv. 139 u/m 3.25 Scan Ref: acp139-1

Yv. 139 u/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp139-2

Yv. 139 u/m Surcharge High 4.25 Scan Ref: acp139-3

Yv. 139 u/m, heavy crease, 1.75 Scan Ref: acp139-4

Yv. 139 u/m NO CONTROL 4.00 Scan Ref: acp139-5

Yv. 139 u/m NO CONTROL 4.50 Scan Ref: acp139-6


Yv. 140 u/m 22.50 Scan Ref: acp140-1

Yv. 140 m/m 16.00 Scan Ref: acp140-3

Yv. 140 m/m 14.50 Scan Ref: acp140-2

Yv. 140 lightly m/m 1.700 Scan Ref: acp140-4

Yv. 141 u/m 4.25 Scan Ref: acp141-1

Yv. 141 m/m 2.25 Scan Ref: acp141-4

Yv. 141 m/m 2.00 Scan Ref: acp141-2

Yv. 141 m/m 1.75 Scan Ref: acp141-3

Yv. 141 u/m NO CONTROL 5.50 Scan Ref: acp141-5

Yv. 141 m/m NO CONTROL 4.25 Scan Ref: acp141-6

Yv. 141 m/m NO CONTROL 4.00 Scan Ref: acp141-7

Yv. 142 u/m 12.50 Scan Ref: acp142-1

Yv. 142 u/m 13.00 Scan Ref: acp142-2

Yv. 143 u/m 2.75 =-= Scan Ref: acp143-1

Yv. 143 m/m 2.00 Scan Ref: acp143-3

Yv. 143 m/m NO CONTROL 5.25 Scan Ref: acp143-4

Yv. 143 u/m SURCHARGE INVERTED 50.00 Scan Ref: acp143-5

Yv. 144 u/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp144-1

Yv. 144 u/m 2.75 Scan Ref: acp144-2

Yv. 144 m/m 2.00 Scan Ref: acp144-3

Yv. 144 u/m NO CONTOL 6.00 Scan Ref: acp144-4

Yv. 144 m/m NO CONTROL 4.00 Scan Ref: acp144-5



Scan of Yvert 151-158
Yvert 151-158 : All are reported to exist Imperf.

Yvert 151-152 : Renault 'autorail'
Yv. 151 m/m 2.50 Scan Ref: acp

Yv. 151 m/m 2.25 Scan Ref: acp151-3

Yv. 151 m/m NO CONTROL 7.00 Scan Ref: acp151-4

Yv. 151 u/m (one fox spot in margin), IMPERF between stamps and sheet border (Dudoy D51d) 28.00 Scan Ref: acp151-5

Yv. 152 u/m 2.75 Scan Ref: acp152-1

Yv. 152 u/m 3.25 Scan Ref: acp152-2

Yv. 152 u/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp152-3

Yv. 152 m/m NO CONTROL 6.00 Scan Ref: acp152-4

Yv. 152 m/m NO CONTROL, rough perfs, 3.50 Scan Ref: acp152-5

Yv. 152 u/m IMPERF 17.00 Scan Ref: acp152-8

Yv. 152 m/m IMERF Marginal 13.00 Scan Ref: acp152-7



The Dudoy Catalogue includes two related varieties, found on many values of the 'Micheline in Oasis' design (including the surcharges), which Mr. Dudoy describes as a coconut in state 1 and state 2, the former with the fruit on the tree, the latter with the fruit falling next to the train. The two are illustrated below:

Scan of Coconut in Tree Scan of Coconut Falling

Yvert 153-158 : Micheline at Oasis
Yv. 153 u/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp153-2

Yv. 153 u/m 2.75 Scan Ref: acp153-1

Yv. 153 u/m IMPERF 14.00 Scan Ref: acp153-3

Yv. 153 m/m NO CONTROL 5.00 Scan Ref: acp153-4

Yv. 153 m/m NO CONTROL 4.75 Scan Ref: acp153-5

Yv. 154 m/m NO CONTROL, variety coconut in tree (Dudoy H41a) 4.75 Scan Ref: acp154-1

Yv. 154 u/m IMPERF, variety falling coconut (Dudoy H41L) 17.50 Scan Ref: acp154-2

Yv. 155 m/m, thinned, variety falling coconut (Dudoy H42a) 3.00 Scan Ref: acp155-2

Yv. 155 u/m IMPERF 14.00 Scan Ref: acp155-3

Yv. 155 m/m NO CONTROL 5.50 Scan Ref: acp155-5

Yv. 155 m/m NO CONTROL 5.00 Scan Ref: acp155-4

Yv. 156 u/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp156-1

Yv. 156 u/m IMPERF, variety falling coconut (Dudoy H43k) 18.00 Scan Ref: acp156-3

Yv. 156 m/m NO CONTROL 5.25 Scan Ref: acp156-4

Yv. 156 m/m NO CONTROL 4.75 Scan Ref: acp156-5

Yv. 157 u/m 2.25 Scan Ref: acp 157-5

Yv. 157a u/m, variety damaged '8' giving 13F6 instead of 18f6, scarce 45.00 Scan Ref: acp157-6

Yv. 157 u/m IMPERF, faint control, 17.50 Scan Ref: acp157-2

Yv. 157 u/m Imperf 16.00 Scan Ref: acp157-1

Yv. 157 m/m IMPERF 14.00 Scan Ref: acp157-7

Yv. 157 m/m NO CONTROL 4.75 Scan Ref: acp157-8

Yv. 158 u/m 5.00 Scan Ref: acp158-1

Yv. 158 m/m 3.50 Scan Ref: acp158-3

Yv. 158 m/m 3.25 Scan Ref: acp158-2

Yv. 158 m/m NO CONTROL 5.50 Scan Ref: acp158-5

Yv. 158 m/m IMPERF 13.00 Scan Ref: acp158-6



Scan of Yvert 159-161
Yvert 159-161 : All are reported to exist Imperf.

Yvert 159-161: Gare de Bne
Yv. 159 Greenish-blue (normal) m/m NO CONTROL 4.75 Scan Ref: acp159-1

Yv. 160 u/m NO CONTROL Greenish-Blue (normal), buildings barely visible 8.50 Scan Ref: acp160-1

Yv. 161 m/m NO CONTROL, greenish-blue (normal) 4.75 Scan Ref: acp161-1



Scan of Yvert 162-163A
Yvert 162-163A : Only Yv. 162 and 163 (but NOT 163A) have been reported as existing Imperf.

Yvert 162-163A: Renault and Micheline
Yv. 162 m/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp162-1



Scan of Yvert 164-166
Yvert 164-166 : All are reported to exist Imperf.

Yvert 164-166 : Gare de Bne
Yv. 165 u/m greenish-blue (normal), no buildings at lowere right 3.75 Scan Ref: acp165-1



Scan of Yvert 167-170
Yvert 167-170 : All are reported to exist Imperf.

Yvert 167-70: Renault 'autorail'
Yv. 167 m/m 2.50 Scan Ref: acp167-1

Yv. 167 m/m 2.25 Scan Ref: acp167-3

Yv. 168 m/m 3.25 Scan Ref: acp168-1

Yv. 169 u/m 3.50 Scan Ref: acp169-1

Yv. 169 u/m deep shade 3.75 Scan Ref: acp169-2

Yv. 169 m/m with what appears to be a private publicity overprint 1.50 Scan Ref: acp169-3

Yv. 170 m/m 3.50 Scan Ref: acp170-1



Scan of Yvert 171-182
Yvert 171-182 : All EXCEPT Yv. 176 have been reported to exist Imperf.

Yvert 171-182 : Micheline at Oasis
Yv. 171 u/m marginal 3.50 Scan Ref: acp171-2

Yv. 171 m/m, variety falling coconut (Dudoy H48c) 5.00 Scan Ref: acp171-3

Yv. 171 m/m 2.25 Scan Ref: acp171-5

Yv. 171a u/m IMPERF 24./00 Scan Ref: acp171-6

Yv. 173 u/m 4.25 =-= Scan Ref: acp173-1

Yv. 173 u/m (the stamp has a faint control, variety falling coconut (Dudoy H50c) 5.50 Scan Ref: acp173-2

Yv. 173 m/m NO CONTROL, falling coconut variety (Dudoy H50c) 4.25 Scan Ref: acp173-4

Yv. 173 m/m NO CONTROL, creased, 2.50 Scan Ref: acp173-5

Yv. 173a u/m IMPERF 24.00 Scan Ref: acp173-6

Yv. 175 u/m NO CONTROL 4.25 =-= Scan Ref: acp175-1

Yv. 175 m/m NO CONTROL, falling coconut variety (Dudoy H52d) 5.00 Scan Ref: acp175-2

Yv. 175a u/m IMPERF 24.00 Scan Ref: acp175-3


Yv. 177 m/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp177-2

Yv. 177 u/m SURCHARGE DOUBLE, ONE INVERTED 42.00 Scan Ref: acp177-3

Yv. 177 u/m NO CONTROL 6.50 Scan Ref: acp177-4

Yv. 177 m/m NO CONTROL 5.00 Scan Ref: acp177-5

Yv. 178 u/m SURCHARGE DOUBLE 32.00 Scan Ref: acp178-3

Yv. 178 u/m SURCHARGE DOUBLE, slight staining in centre of stamp, variety falling coconut (Dudoy H55c with H55e) 34.00 Scan Ref: acp178-4

Yv. 179 m/m 2.00 Scan Ref: acp179-2

Yv. 179 u/m NO CONTROL, toned gum, 5.50 Scan Ref: acp179-3

Yv. 179 m/m NO CONTROL 3.75 Scan Ref: acp179-4

Yv. 179 m/m NO CONTROL 4.00 Scan Ref: acp179-5

Yv. 180 m/m 2.50 Scan Ref: acp180-2

Yv. 180 u/m No Control, SURCHARGE 21f5 INVERTED, scarce. 55.00 Scan Ref: acp180-3

Yv. 180 lightly m/m NO CONTROL, tiny tear, 4.25 Scan Ref: acp180-4

Yv. 181 m/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp181-2

Yv. 181 u/m IMPERF 24.00 Scan Ref: acp181-3

Yv. 182 very lightly m/m 3.50 Scan Ref: acp182-1



Scan of Yvert 183-188
Yvert 183-188 : Only Yv. 183 has been reported to exist Imperf.

Yvert 183-188: Gare de Bne
Yv. 183a m/m, foxing, in the greenish-blue (normal), with Yvert-listed variety 17F in the centre of the stamp. 8.00 Scan Ref: acp183-1

Yv. 185 u/m NO CONTROL in the scarcer Dark Blue 11.50 Scan Ref: acp185-3

Yv. 187 u/m NO CONTROL in the greenish-blue (normal) with a very clear print of the buildings at lower right (scarce thus) 9.50 Scan Ref: acp187-1

Yv. 187 m/m NO CONTROL 4.75 Scan Ref: acp187-2



Scan of Yvert 189-196
Yvert 189-196 : All have been reported to exist Imperf. Yvert 189 is a 1 F / 0f9 and Yvert 189A is a 1 F / 13f5. The placement of the new value in relation to the 4 obliterating bars varies considerably with most of the values in this design.

Yvert 189-196 : Gare de Philippeville
Yv. 189A u/m 4.75 Scan Ref: acp189A-2

Yv. 189A u/m marginal 5.00 Scan Ref: acp189A-3

Yv. 189A lightly m/m 3.75 Scan Ref: acp189A-4

Yv. 189A No Gum 2.75 Scan Ref: acp189A-1

Yv. 190 m/m 2.25 Scan Ref: acp190-2

Yv. 191 u/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp191-1

Yv. 192 u/m 3.50 Scan Ref: acp192-1

Yv. 192 m/m 2.50 Scan Ref: acp192-2

Yv. 193 u/m, with a few wrinkles, 4.00 Scan Ref: acp193-1

Yv. 194 u/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp194-1

Yv. 194 u/m 2.75 Scan Ref: acp194-2

Yv. 194 u/m, light crease, more yellow than the usual yellow-orange, 3.50 Scan Ref: acp194-3

Yv. 195 m/m 2.25 Scan Ref: acp195-2

Yv. 196 u/m 3.00 Scan Ref: acp196-1

Yv. 196 m/m 2.00 Scan Ref: acp196-2



Scan of Yvert 197-201
Yvert 197-201 : Only Yv. 198 has NOT been reported to exist Imperf

Yvert 197-201 : Micheline at Oasis
Yv. 197 m/m NO CONTROL 2.00 Scan Ref: acp197-3

Yv. 198 u/m 3.50 Scan Ref: acp198-1

Yv. 198 u/m, light corner crease, 2.75 Scan Ref: acp198-2

Yv. 198 m/m 2.00 Scan Ref: acp198-3

Yv. 198 m/m NO CONTROL 5.00 Scan Ref: acp198-4

Yv. 199 m/m, with falling coconut variety (Dudoy H62d) 6.00 Scan Ref: acp199-1

Yv. 199 u/m NO CONTROL 5.50 Scan Ref: acp199-2

Yv. 201 u/m 3.50 Scan Ref: acp201-1

Yv. 201 u/m 3.75 Scan Ref: acp201-2

Yv. 201 m/m NO CONTROL 5.00 Scan Ref: acp201-3



Scan of Yvert 202-204
Yvert 202-204 : All have been reported to exist Imperf.

Yvert 202-204 : Renault 'autorail'
Yv. 202 u/m, crease, 2.50 Scan Ref: acp202-1

Yv. 202 u/m, small fault at top, 3.00 Scan Ref: acp202-2

Yv. 202 m/m 4.00 Scan Ref: acp202-3

Yv. 202 m/m NO CONTROL 5.25 Scan Ref: acp202-5

Yv. 203 m/m 3.50 Scan Ref: acp203-4

Yv. 203 u/m NO CONTROL 5.75 Scan Ref: acp203-2

Yv. 203 u/m NO CONTROL 5.00 Scan Ref: acp203-3

Yv. 204 u/m 4.00 Scan Ref: acp204-2

Yv. 204 heavyish m/m NO CONTROL 5.00 Scan Ref: acp204-3

Yv. 204 m/m NO CONTROL 5.25 Scan Ref: acp204-4



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