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HTJ : Høng - Tølløse Jernbane

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Scan of Stamps

Table for Scan D3-HTJInitialsCat No.Mint/UsedPrice Faults, notes, comments
Høng - Tølløse JernbaneHTJ1m/m£1.25Steam Train
 HTJ2used£3.50Steam Train
 HTJ5usedSOLDSteam Train
 HTJ6m/mSOLDSteam Train
 HTJ7m/m£9.50Steam Train
 HTJ13m/mSOLDSteam Train
 HTJ16am/m£4.75Steam Train
 HTJ17m/mSOLDSteam Train
 HTJ34used£1.50Steam Train
 HTJ37used£7.25Steam Train
 HTJ56usedSOLDSteam Train
 HTJ56 pairused£2.75Steam Train
 HTJ59used£1.00Steam Train
 HTJ4usedSOLDSteam Train

The scan ABOVE displays all the stamps as originally offered, sold and unsold. The Price column in the table ABOVE indicates whether an item is sold or, if still available, gives the selling price.

When ordering, please help us to make sure we send you the correct stamp(s) by providing:
1. The 'Table for Scan' reference (which is shown at the top of each table, for example D3-DSB4)**
2. The catalogue number, description AND Price.

** Please note that, where there is more than one table on a page, each table has its own 'Table for Scan' reference and this needs to be given for each item.



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