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Tasmania Railway Stamps
Victoria Railway Stamps
Western Australia Railway Stamps

NOTE: Queensland has been removed from this page and has been listed in two parts, one for 1868-1926 issues, one for issues from 1927 onwards with a detailed study of stations. These may be accessed from the HREF="">Queensland Introductory Page

Glossary: u/m = unmounted mint, never hinged mint. m/m = mounted mint, hinged mint. Mint = no gum, as issued
No Gum = stamp without gum but which should have gum. Foxing = brown age spots Toned = discoloured, yellowed.

Please always quote both the Scan Number and Price, when ordering, and any other detail we may need to identify the stamp. Prices are in Pounds Sterling. For details on how to order and make payment, please read the introduction page.

Catalogues used:
For all States :
G&R Philately 'Railway Stamps of Australia' 8th Edition (2010) : Abbreviation G&R
Ingles Presgrave Craig 'The Railway (and other parcel) Stamps of Mainland Australia' (1980) : Abbreviation IPC

For Individual States :
Walker Presgrave : The Parcel Stamps of South Australia (2008) : Abbreviation WP
Craig & Ingles : The Revenue and Railway Stamps of Tasmania (1978) : Abbreviation CI

Please note any underlined headings in this list are NOT links, but the scans are links.

Condition of Stamps : I do not apply the same strict rules of condition to older Railway Stamps as I do, for example, to Thematics. Perfect copies are not very common and most collectors expect them often to have light creases, rough or missing perfs, small or shallow thins and other moderate faults. Where single stamps or sets are listed below, I have tried to indicate where a typical collector of these stamps might have some reservations about buying them. Where a large group of the same value are listed together, I have been slightly less rigorous but have, nevertheless, indicated more significant faults, although do please study the scans for centering, perforation etc.
Important : Where a listing prices stamps EACH, i.e. where several of the same stamp are offered but all shown in one scan, some of the stamps illustrated in the scan may be sold. Please check the text which accompanies that scan to see if the stamp is still avaiable. Where a town is numbered in the text, e.g. Brisbane 1, this is because there is more than one such stamp; a small tag on the scan ( 1, 2 etc ) identifies the stamp for ordering purposes.



TASMANIA Railway Stamps

Catalogue numbers used for Tasmania : G&R unless shown as CI ( Craig & Ingles catalogue ).

Tasmania : Newspaper Stamps

TR1 d used 5.00 Scan Ref. T1a
TR2 1d used perf 3 sides 5.00 Scan Ref. T2a
TR3 2d used 5.00 Scan Ref. T3

TR40 1d u/m 2.00 Scan Ref. T40a

Tasmania : Parcel Stamps : 1952- Issues

TR180-83 Provisional Surcharge set/4 u/m, 6d with rather wild vertical rouletting 37.00 Scan Ref. T180

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Tasmania : Decimal issues ( type-set stamps )

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Note : All the other decimal items being offered are panes of 10 stamps ( 5 x 2 ). The Craig & Ingles catalogue recognizes three main printings: without plate numbers ( 1st Ptg. ), with Plate Number 17193-B184 ( 2nd Ptg. ) and with Plate Number 22813-B184 ( 3rd Ptg. ). The same catalogue also suggests ways of identifying individual panes, which has sometimes been noted in the descriptions below.

Individual scans have NOT been provided for these panes/10 but the scan below provides an image of a typical pane.

Typical pane/10

Decimals (i) 'Transport Department' with date error 1925 :

Dated 1925 : First Printing Panes/10
TR192 5c ( with thick number 5 ) u/m 8.00
TR199 40c u/m 15.00
TR201 50c u/m 11.00
TR202 60c u/m 19.00
TR203 80c u/m 28.00
TR204 $1.00 u/m 20.00

Dated 1925 : Third Printing panes/10 : Plate Number (22813 B184) at top right unless otherwise stated. A number of these sheets have a light vertical crease close to the left margin of the third stamp in each row
TR190 1c u/m 5.00
TR190 1c u/m : Plate Number at bottom right 5.50
TR192 5c ( thinner figure 5 ) u/m Plate Number at bottom right 8.50
TR194 15c u/m 8.00
TR195 20c u/m Plate Number at bottom right 10.00
TR197 30c u/m Plate Number at bottom right 10.00
TR198 35c u/m 15.00
TR198 35c u/m Plate Number at bottom right 15.50

TR200 45c u/m Plate Number at bottom right 15.00
TR202 60c u/m 18.00
TR202 60c u/m Plate Number at bottom right 17.50
TR203 80c u/m 26.00
TR203 80c u/m Plate Number at bottom right 25.50
TR205 $2.00 u/m 24.00
TR205 $2.00 u/m Plate Number at bottom right 24.50

Decimals (ii) 'Transport Department' Panes/10 with date corrected to 1935 :

TR220 1c u/m 4.00
TR221 2c u/m 4.00
TR222 5c ( with thicker figure '5' ) u/m 5.00
TR223 10c u/m 5.00
TR224 15c u/m 7.50
TR225 20c u/m 4.00
TR227 30c u/m ( upper right pane ) 8.00
TR228 35c u/m 9.00
TR229 45c u/m 27.00
TR231 60c u/m ( lower right pane ) 45.00
TR232 80c u/m 7.00

Decimals (iii) inscribed 'Transport Commission' :

TR240-45, CI R1481-86, SIX panes/10 ( no $2.00 value, issued later to judge by its omission from the CI catalogue ), each pane/10 with Plate Number at Lower Right 4543 B 103, u./m ( 6 panes ) 32.00



VICTORIA : Postal Stationery ( Letter-cards ) :

Mint card on dark stock, small part of corner missing, inscribed 'Price Three-halfpence'. 15.00 TWO Scans ( both of the front, which is folded) : Scan Ref. VR7 . . . Scan Ref. VR7a
Mint card on lighter stock, inscribed 'Price Three-halfpence'. 20.00 TWO Scans ( both of the front, which is folded) : Scan Ref. VR8 . . . Scan Ref. VR8a



Some thoughts on Western Australia Railway Stamps : Although almost all these stamps are now sold, I shall leave these thoughts here for the time being.
Having had the opportunity to study a collection put together over a period of 25 years or more, and then comparing catalogue prices with the evidence before me, I suspect that there is much work to do on this state's railway stamps.
I applaud G&R for going with the extended listing, which closely follows the IPC, even though identification and pricing is not a task any one editor can hope to achieve with any great accuracy. If you collect this area and have something to offer, I imagine G&R would be pleased to hear from you.
Bearing in mind, please, that this is the first time I have ever studied these stamps, I had numerous difficulties, which others may or may not share. Please note, however, that this is not one of my regular fields and that this is not an area in which I wish to immerse myself more deeply:

1. IPC states that the 1916, 1919, 1920 and 1923 issues might be difficult to distinguish. I would add the 1912 issue to that group, except, of course, where values unique to one issue are involved, unless there are distinguishing features of which I am unaware (?). The 1923 issue, with its thinner paper, may be a little easier to identify, but I suspect paper thicknesses are not a straightforward matter.

2. I am not sure that the IPC heading to the 1916 issue about trimmed sheets and non-uniform watermarks can allow one to make any firm determinations. A more extensive explanation of how this might be usefully applied would be be useful.

3. Pricing for the 1907-1923 issues in both catalogues shows little variation between printings. I suspect this is because identifying the issues is so difficult that relative scarcity has yet to be established. There are probably some major rarities amonst them.

4. Moving onto the 1951-60 series, the pricing has little relationship to the collection I have just studied. I had 42 stamps to study and I offer the following observations:
(a) Only two stamps were mint, of which only one definitely had not travelled.
(b) Only two stamps had the station name diagonally.
(c) Only one (badly damaged) stamp was Rouletted x Perf.
(d) Condition was generally much better for these stamps than for the earlier issues.

My conclusions, based solely on this collection, is that the diagonal station names are significantly scarcer than the horizontal ones and that stamps Rouletted x Perf are probably rare.

There is a discrepancy between IPC and G&R over the design of the 3d. As there were none in this purely railway collection, I presume it is the bus design, not the train.
I have not managed to find the meaning of the * in the G&R catalogue.
The footnote under the third series 'Station names are Diagonal in Black (except Perth)' is tantalising! Is it the angle or the colour which varies for Perth, or both? I suspect it is horizontal in Green but this is based only on the collection in front of me. Note : I have listed all the PERTH in Green under the Thin Type heading in the listing below, which may not be correct.

None of this should be taken as a criticism of G&R Philately's catalogue. It is only by publishing a catalogue in several editions that one can start to form an accurate picture, and that needs the input of several collectors to achieve this, or perhaps a study group. Is there one already, perhaps? I don't know; it is not my field, but it is a fascinating area and well worthy of study.

As for pricing mint railway stamps ( of all the states ), what a challenge - for someone!

Western Australia : Reprints of Unadopted Essays :

Original essays are in Black, Imperf, on surfaced paper and 12 values exist, d, 1d, 3d, 6d, 9d, 1/-, 1/6, 2/-, 2/6, 4/-, 5/- and 10/-. Apparently only a small number of reprint sheets were produced in three different colours, black, red and purple, and a very small number of these were perforated. They are printed on matt gummed paper.

A rare group of 18 perforated reprints ( eleven Black and seven Purple ), all different, m/m 150.00 : TWO SCANS : Scan Ref. WA125 . . . . Scan Ref. WA125a
A sheet of the 12 values printed in RED Imperf, u/m, some sheet curling at edges. 80.00 Scan Ref. WA127
A sheet of the 12 values print in BLACK Imperf, u/m, some sheet curling at edges. 75.00 Scan Ref. WA126


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